What to Expect at Our University District Office

“Dr. Reanna Plancich made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions thoroughly, and explained in detail what to expect during follow-on adjustments. I am pleased to report that after only one “pain free” adjustment so far to my neck, my Atlas Rotation improved from being 8 degrees off to being 5.3+ degrees off (with 0 degrees being the desired Atlas Rotation position). I am already experiencing less pain and discomfort in my neck and am looking forward to having future adjustments in order to correct years of having very poor spine alignment.” - K.W.

At Our University District Office, You’ll Get That “Comfort Commitment”

We offer our comfort commitment. Our team understands how important it is for you to feel welcome and comfortable when visiting a new health care office. We are committed to create a warm and inviting experience while you are under our care.

That’s why we offer you our “Comfort Commitment.”

We are committed to do everything possible to create a warm, inviting and comfortable experience for you while you’re under our care and guidance.

If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable, please let us know. We’ll do our best to take care of you

Your First Visit to Discover Health Chiropractic

When you arrive for your first appointment, here’s what happens. We’ll perform a complete chiropractic and NUCCA specific examination, including your history.

Your posture, leg length and other precise measurements are a few of the determining factors to see if you have a misalignment.

Then we take very precise low exposure x-rays of the upper neck. She will carefully analyze these to determine your unique spinal imbalance and tailor an individualized adjustment to correct it. You will not be adjusted on your first visit. Dr. Plancich will take time to review your x-rays and exam results, and prepare a report for you, to be gone over on your second visit. 

Your Second Visit to Discover Health Chiropractic

On your second visit to the office, Dr. Plancich will go over your Report of Findings, which will detail the results of the exam and x-rays that were done on your first visit. Then she will give you your first adjustment. She will adjust the misalignment with a feather-light touch, right behind the ear. Some patients hardly feel a thing; the adjustment is that soft and gentle.

Almost immediately the muscles begin to relax, circulation is increased, nervous system communication is restored and the body’s process of self healing can begin.

We’ll describe to you what’s going on with the misalignment, what’s stressing the nerves and how this misalignment causes the rest of the body to compensate and work extra hard just to stay upright. We'll also discuss a program of care to help you regain your health and spinal well being. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Want a pain free way to heal. Try NUCCA Chiropractic with Dr. P. She has a gentle touch and caring words to help you heal. I believe in this process and have seen amazing results from this treatment. As a professional violinist and an avid DYI homeowner, Dr. P would always frown upon my aches and pains that I would self inflict. However, her magical hands helped me heal and though I have been released from my first treatment, I have continued to see her each month for maintenance. Her office team is amazing, and I drive an hour and 45 minutes to see her. It's worth it to feel no pain. ~ D. Rose"
    Reina R.
  • "I have been a long time headache sufferer. I have been in a few motor vehicle accidents in the past that I didn't fully recover from. I was very responsive and improved quite quickly from Dr Planchich's very gentle adjustments. Now I go in for checks every 6-8 weeks to make sure I am holding my adjustment. It has helped a lot with my headaches. I am very active, but don't want to be in pain and definitely don't want to take medication."
    Natasha W.
  • "It is a shame that so many people suffer back and neck pain when there is such a simple, painless procedure to heal your body naturally. Last year I hurt my back and could barely move. Dr. Plancich adjusted my spine and within a short time I was completely pain free without surgery, drugs or side-effects. She has the magic touch. She is serious about her work and has an engaging personality. I recommend her to all my family and friends, and they all enjoy the benefits of her treatment."
    John W.